ALL NATURAL CATNIP BALL – A healthy fun way for cats to clean their teeth and improve their digestion. A catnip ball is made of 100% natural plants and promotes fun for your cat, while also stimulating their appetite. Best of all, our edible catnip ball will help ease anxiety, stress and boredom!

SOFT BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES FOR GROOMING HEAVEN – Cats love to rub themselves on things and these 2 natural boar bristle brushes will promote a healthy shine. The natural boar bristles will massage your kitty while stimulating natural oil production. These beautiful soft brushes will reduce excess shedding and allow your cat to leave their scent for others

SISAL MAT SECURED UNDER TIMBER FRAME – Safe & non toxic, the extra large sisal cat scratching mat is secured between 2 layers of natural timber. This ensures a safe scratch for your cat and also longevity of the cat scratcher. Other scratchers have their sisal mat only glued to the timber which pulls off easily and causes stress to cats. 23”L x 11” W x .9” H PATENT PENDING

VERSATILE – USE ON THE WALL + FLOOR + WINDOW – Being able to suit your cats scratching preference is essential. Some cats enjoy scratching down on the floor and also sleeping on the scratcher after. Others scratch up on the wall or window for a true stretch. All tools included for an easy installation – wall plugs, screws, suction cups and foam pads.

SCRATCH, RUB, PLAY & STRETCH – Things cats can spend hours doing and our scratcher will help promote this off your furniture! Our unique design cat scratcher will look fantastic in any home and help promote happy healthy cats across the world.

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