ULTRA PLUSH AND COMFORTABLE: Our pet beds are filled with shredded memory foam cushioning, for an incredibly cozy sleeping and lounging experience. Don’t forget though- that you can fill our separate inner with beans to create a pet bean bag also. Once filled, the bed contours to your pet’s body for the ultimate luxury experience.
WARM-UP IN THE WINTER: The new Furhome Collective pet beds offer a removable zip off faux fur cover, with an underside of polar fleece also. This design will keep your pet warm and comforted – especially if they are prone to anxiety. They may choose to snuggle under the top cover, if left half unzipped.
COOL OFF IN THE SUMMER: The second zipper cover of our pet bed is comprised of a cooling mesh. This keeps your furry friend from overheating during those hot summer days. Once the cooling pad is inserted into the mesh cover, it will help to absorb your pets body heat- keeping them cooler in the summer months.
UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY: Our pet beds offer premium-quality craftsmanship, promising years of enjoyment. Weather and water-resistant, your four-legged friend can enjoy their new bed both inside or outside.


Luxurious Faux Fur Cover


Your fury friend will love to relax on the super soft long faux fur topper. But they may also wish to snuggle under this cover, as the backing is a warm polar fleece fabric which can offer a calming bed cave for your puppy or cat.The superior quality faux fur offers a warm and secure place for your pet to relax during the cooler months of the year. This faux fur topper can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Ensuring your pets bed is always hygienic and safe for your fury friend.

Cooling Mesh Cover


During the hotter months, zip on the cooling mesh cover and insert the cooling mat – to ensure your pets heat is absorbed away from their body. The mesh will help to circulate air, plus there is an added ventilation hole on the side. This is an industry first cooling topper, which is hygienic and safe for your pets. This cooling mesh topper can be unzipped and hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle.

Washable Nylon Base


Our luxury pet bed allows your pet to find superior comfort, nestling into the thick shredded orthopedic memory foam which molds to their shape and allows for a supportive sleep.

The zippered base allows for the inner to be refilled easily with additional soft stuffing or beans, if you feel that your fury friend would love a more firmer sleep!

We supply a separate inner which contains the filling, so you may even chose to fill your new bed completely with BEANS. This will create a beautiful light-weight dog bean bag bed!

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